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Dr. Bonny Grigor

Dr. Bonny Grigor, "Dr. Bonny," a resident of Lago Vista, received her B.A. in Biology in 1997 and her D.M.D. (Doctorate of Dental Medicine) in 2005, from the University of Louisville, KY. She practiced as a Captain in the Army for 4 1/2 years in KY and served in Iraq as the Brigade Dentist for the 1st Cavalry division, Ft Hood, TX in 2009-10. Dr. Bonny ran a practice in Copperas Cove, TX for 4 yrs, where she was voted the best dentist in the Tricounty area in 2013. She resides in Lago Vista with Otis, who is involved with the day-to-day activities of the practice, and two children, Aidan and Alena, ages 5 & 7, who both attend Lago Vista Elementary school. Dr. Bonny is a member of the Lago Vista Women's Club and the Lago Vista Chamber of Commerce, and Otis is a member of the Lago Vista Lion's Club. Her office has conducted Dental Day for the Elementary school, and sponsored the Lago Vista band. Dr Bonny takes an average of 200 credit hours of CE per year, focusing primarily on orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Bonny enjoys dentistry for all ages of patients.











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